Our Services

  • Worker’s Compensation Injuries

    Employers love our clinic because we get results fast and save them money! We get injured workers rapidly returned to productive work.  Read More

  • Sutures, Staples, or Glue ?

    When you have a wound that needs repair, think of Covenant Clinics Urgent Care! Large or small, we've got it covered!

  • Radiology

    Modern, fast computer x-ray services and highly-skilled registered technologists are here daily!

  • Medications

    For asthma, infections, vomiting and many other needs, we stock inhaled and injectable medications.

  • EKGs

    We utilize computerized EKG evaluation of the heart and can provide an immediate copy to your doctor or to a nearby emergency room.

  • Laboratory

    Our CLIA level II lab can perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests, most with results available to you and the doctor in minutes.

  • Physical Rehabilitation

    Our Providers prescribe a program of rehab therapy best suited for your condition, and we coordinate with the area's finest therapists for your prompt recovery.


  • Sports & School Physicals

    Whether it's for summer camp, middle school or highschool athletics, we provide very affordable physicals with no appointment. download form

  • Infusion Center

    Covenant Clinics has been selected to be the area's designated outpatient infusion center for RECLAST, a once-a-year safe and effective treatment for osteoporosis. If you have osteoporosis, talk with your doctor about treatment options!.

  • Cast & Splint Service

    Did you get your cast wet or broken ? We have orthopedic supplies to repair remodel or replace many types of splints and casts. We also have crutches for kids and adults. If your orthopedic clinic is unavailable, we can usually help!.