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Information You May Need

  • Worker's Compensation Injuries

    Research confirms our belief that injuries heal faster when your employee is returned promptly to safe and productive work duties. We call it "Work and heal" but you'll call it SAVING MONEY! Contact our medical director using the email box.

  • X-rays, Laboratory and EKGs

    Why run all over town to get tests completed? We have a modern on-site laboratory, computer-based x-ray suite and EKG. Results without the usual wait!.

  • Necks, Backs, Joints and more

    We offer the finest in nonsurgical decompression therapy for damaged inter vertebral discs. We also provide injection therapy for bursitis, degenerative arthritis and physical rehab for a wide range of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

  • Minor Surgery Services

    Laceration repairs, fish hook removal, drainage of abscesses... think of us FIRST if you need minor surgical procedures, without the wait of the emergency department.