aesthetics at Covenant Clinics

Real lasting beauty has at its origin the triad of physical health, a vitality of one's soul, and a humility of one's spirit.  It's no wonder that most attempts at becoming more "beautiful" leave us wanting something more.

I used to hear that "beauty is skin deep."  That's nowhere near true.  Physically speaking, beauty goes all the way to the bone, and involves management of muscles, fat, collagen and dermal structures, and of course the epidermal surface.  With so many layers involved in our appearances, why not treat all the way? That's why so many salons and home "bottles of promises" fall short.

Our aesthetics center has therapies for many facets of beautiful skin, and if your needs require a procedure we don't offer, we are not afraid of advising you about some of the finest specialists in the region.  Whatever your condition, age or personal goal, we hope to provide you with expert consultation and treatment.  Please schedule a no-fee consultation visit today, and discuss your desires for real lasting beauty!  If you have wanted clearly better skin, look no further!

Dr. Robert Patterson, medical director of Covenant Clinics